P.O – Satania’s Diary (CRTL016)


Cartulis Music Unveils 16th Release: P.O’s Electrifying EP Takes Listeners on a Journey Through Merged New and Old Soundscapes.

London, 2024 — Cartulis Music is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of its 16th installment, a captivating EP from Corsican artist Pascal Ordioni, widely recognized as P.O.

Titled “Satania’s Diary,” the EP features a mesmerizing collection of five tracks that traverse diverse emotions and musical states, all anchored in the rich tapestry of ’80s sound. P.O’s unique artistic vision and production prowess shine through, delivering a sonic experience that pays homage to the era while pushing boundaries.

Additionally, the track “Mit Oder Ohne Dich (Mysterious Song)” is a reinterpretation of the track by J.J. Bosque & J.F. Reig K.R.B. – “Mysterious Song,” released in 1991.

From pulsating synths to infectious rhythms, “Satania’s Diary” showcases P.O’s versatility as an artist, skillfully blending elements from the past with a modern touch. Each track stands as a testament to Cartulis Music’s commitment to fostering innovative and boundary-pushing artists within the electronic music scene.

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